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Personalised Learning at Inglehurst Junior School

A quote from one of our teacher contributors

''Definitely one of the best things I've done in 20 years. There they all were, these little Y2s,  on the playground at 8.45 yesterday comparing work they'd done over the weekend!''


Hello. my name is Mason and I'm in Mrs Constantinou's class at Inglehurst Junior School. I like doing my learning log at home and I persevere with it when the going gets tough. I'm really proud of the work that I did on plants. I Made a bee that moves from flower to flower carrying pollen.




Headteacher and creator of the Inglehurst Learning Logs -

  Danny Bullock  Lucy Bullock


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We have been developing a unique learning log at Inglehurst Junior School for several years now. They have become an integral part of our teaching and learning programme and have had a major impact on our drive to develop a more independent learner.

The learning log allows teachers to quickly and easily share weekly teaching objectives with the children. Once set up the children then take the lead role in sharing and developing their knowledge and understanding and displaying this in a range of styles. The learning log is not an in depth assessment tool but more of a snapshot of what your children have or have not understood.

The learning log can be used at any key stage and for a range of learning activities. It addresses the current creative agenda and has had considerable success with children of a more challenging nature.


Children sharing their learning during their weekly peer partnership session.




They allow for individualism
They let you see the inside world of the child
They’re fun
They are driven by the child and not the teacher
They have really brought the children together
We’ve created a network of schools working on learning logs together 
  revision map for science by Laurisa

What do You think?

Hi from Down Under!  As the ex-Deputy of Inglehurst and now a resident of Australia I was really excited to see that the work that Danny and the staff of Inglehurst have undertaken with learning logs is now on the web!  The benefits of learning logs should not be underestimated.  The agenda for personalised learning in the UK was being met by Danny and the team at Inglehurst well and truly before it became recognised as a necessity nationally. The children have driven the original idea to take learning logs beyond all expectations.  The fact that learning logs work for all pupils - the difficult to reach are wanting to talk about their learning and share their recording of this learning on a daily basis; the quiet unassuming child is communicating their learning through their log; the more able is extending their own learning by adding additional things they have gone away and discovered for themselves - is testiment to the dedication and foresight of Danny's leadership in the development of Learning Logs.  He had an idea, worked with it,listened carefully to the children and what they were telling him, continued to modify it as a result of reflecting upon its impact on the children and even now continues to see new possibilities on a daily basis! Well done Danny and the staff of Inglehurst and the network of schools in Leicester and further afield that are inspiring children to be independent and lifelong learners through the use of learning logs!

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Hi. My name is Reneece. I like doing my homework in my learning log because it's fun. I can stick lots of things in and use lots of colour. I'm really proud when my teacher, Miss Bailey tells me that it's good. Reneece - Inglehurst Junior school.


My name is Shomari and I go to Inglehurst Junior School. I am in Mrs Constantinou's class in Year 3. I really like to do my learning log. I work on it for half an hour each day. I enjoy learning about history in my learning log. I also like science because I can show my teacher what I've learnt about electricity. I use different materials in my learning log, like paper, card and i use pictures from the internet.


                  The shape of the learning logs today



A Problem Solving Prompt created by one of Danny's pupils in her learning log


The Inglehurst Learning Logs model


The Learning Logs site was developed and is maintained for and on behalf of the children who produce these wonderful examples of personalised learning.

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                   The Man's Big JourneyA great story written and published by Cameron Bayley - aged 6

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